I design websites with an eye to usability, presentation, functionality and coding to web standards. My design philosophy can be summed up as, "less is more." I strongly believe that clean design and presentation aids the effective communication of ideas, highlights functionality and provides a much stronger user experience. I also believe that the user is the focal point of web design, and all of my design principles take this into account.

Clean, user-centric design and clear presentation are what I strive for and this philosophy is fundamentally ingrained in all of my work, from coding to visual design to working with clients.

My Services

I offer website design from the ground up focusing on the implementation of Content Management Systems, (WordPress, Drupal) and E-Commerce. This offers customers the easiest way to access and maintain their sites. I also offer: adding custom functionality to an existing site, redesigns, logo design, and site management.

With years of experience working with and for customers and clients, I firmly understand the need for quality work, quick turn-around time and affordability. I stand behind my work and commit to providing the best product that I can.

I provide web services in the Portland/Vancouver area and also have the ability to work long-distance with any customer